Why Is My AC Compressor Not Turning On? How to Fix

When the scorching heat of summer hits, a fully functional air conditioning system becomes a necessity for comfort. But what happens when your AC compressor fails to turn on? It can be frustrating and leave you feeling hot and uncomfortable. In this comprehensive blog post, we will delve into the various reasons behind an AC compressor not turning on and provide practical troubleshooting tips to fix the issue. If you reside in Pearson, AR and require air conditioning installation or HVAC services, look no further than Affordable Air McCallum LLC. Our team of dedicated AC specialists is here to help.

Understanding the AC Compressor

Before we jump into the troubleshooting steps, it’s crucial to have a basic understanding of the AC compressor’s role. The compressor is a vital component within your air conditioning system that works to circulate refrigerant, which cools the air before it is distributed throughout your home. If the compressor fails to function properly, your AC system will struggle to cool effectively. But what causes this issue, and how can you rectify it?

Possible Reasons for AC Compressor Failure

Power Supply Issues:

The first step in troubleshooting is to check if the unit is receiving power. Make sure the circuit breaker for your AC system is not tripped and that the switch is in the “on” position. In case of a power outage, patiently wait for the power to be restored.

Thermostat Problems:

Ensure your thermostat is set to “cool” at a temperature lower than the current room temperature. If your thermostat is not working correctly, it may fail to send the signal to the compressor to turn on.

Faulty Capacitor:

The capacitor provides the necessary electrical charge to start the compressor motor. If the capacitor is defective, the compressor may not receive the power required to initiate its operation. In such cases, contacting a professional AC specialist, like Affordable Air McCallum LLC, in Pearson, AR for capacitor replacement or repair is advisable.

Contactor Issues:

The contactor serves as an electrical switch that controls the flow of electricity to the compressor. Over time, the contact points within the contactor can become dirty or worn, impeding the proper flow of electricity. A qualified HVAC technician can inspect and replace the contractor if necessary.

Low Refrigerant Levels:

Insufficient refrigerant can prevent the compressor from starting. If you suspect a refrigerant leak, it is crucial to have a professional HVAC technician from Affordable Air McCallum LLC, who specializes in air conditioning installation and HVAC repair in Pearson, AR, inspect and repair the leak before refilling the refrigerant.

Troubleshooting Steps to Fix the Issue

Check the Power Supply:

Begin by ensuring that the circuit breaker for your AC system is in the “on” position and that power is reaching the unit. Sometimes, a tripped breaker can be the simple culprit.

Examine the Thermostat:

Verify that your thermostat is set correctly and functioning properly. Consider replacing the batteries if needed. Faulty thermostats can prevent the compressor from turning on even if other components are in good working condition.

Inspect the Capacitor:

If you have experience with electrical components, visually inspect the capacitor for any signs of damage or bulging. However, consulting a professional for any capacitor-related issues is always recommended, as they can store electrical energy even when the unit is turned off.

Clean the Contactor:

Turn off the power to the AC unit and carefully clean the contact points within the contactor using a soft brush or compressed air. Ensure the unit is de-energized before attempting any cleaning. If you are not confident performing this task, leaving it to a professional is best.

Schedule a Professional Inspection:

If the above troubleshooting steps do not resolve the issue, it’s best to contact Affordable Air McCallum LLC, your trusted AC specialist in Pearson, AR. Our team of experts has the knowledge and experience to accurately diagnose and fix complex AC compressor problems.

Trust Affordable Air McCallum LLC for AC Repair and Installation in Pearson, AR

Dealing with a malfunctioning AC compressor can be a frustrating experience, particularly during sweltering summer months. By following the troubleshooting steps mentioned above, you may be able to identify and rectify the issue on your own. However, it is crucial to consult Affordable Air McCallum LLC professionals for more complex problems requiring HVAC repair. With over four decades of expertise and experience, we can efficiently diagnose and repair your AC system, ensuring your comfort throughout the year.

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