Air conditioner owners can spend thousands of dollars on a technician who provides AC replacement in Clinton. However, they hesitate to spend a few hundred dollars on the annual maintenance of those new air conditioners as they feel that their systems do not need it.

Air conditioner owners should understand that air conditioners require regular care and attention for the best cooling effects. One such way to take care of your air conditioner without spending much money is by timely replacing your air filters. Here is all the important and basic information related to air filters:

Works of Air Filters

The air filters in your air conditioner are not for show; they have two major purposes: to cool your home and to maintain proper indoor air quality.

  • Air filters ensure a smooth airflow inside the system. This smooth airflow is important to ensure that your air conditioner does not face problems like ice formation and dust settlement inside the system.
  • Air filters also maintain indoor air quality by filtering out pollen, dust, dirt, bacteria, viruses, pet hair, and allergens.

Benefits of Timely Air Filter Replacement

After knowing the works of air filters, air conditioner owners can begin to understand the benefits they will receive through the timely replacement of their air filters:

The first benefit of replacing your dirty air filters with new ones is the better efficiency of the system. Dirty air filters do not provide the necessary airflow for the air conditioners, due to which their efficiency suffers. However, with new air filters, the airflow will be smooth and adequate, and the air conditioner will work efficiently.

The second benefit of replacing air filters is fewer repair jobs. Dirty air filters pose several problems for the air conditioners and their owners, like frequent ice formation, poor efficiency of the system, hot and cold pockets, and other issues. However, with new air filters, air conditioner owners can ensure they and their systems stay away from such problems for a long time.

The third benefit of timely air filter replacement is lesser allergies and breathing issues in the home. Air filters trap bacteria and allergens in indoor air. However, if they are already dirty, they will not be able to filter indoor air, due to which breathing problems and seasonal allergies may increase in your home. In such cases, you must timely replace the air filters with new ones to avoid medical expenses.

Frequency of Replacing Air Filters

Air filter clogging depends on factors like how much the owners use the system, the purity levels of the indoor air in that area, and the presence of pets in the home. After properly evaluating these factors, air conditioner owners can understand when to replace their air filters.

The ideal period to replace air filters is at least once every two weeks, but this frequency may increase or decrease depending on those factors.


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A professional air conditioner contractor will help you with installation to HVAC repair in Searcy. As a homeowner, it is highly suggested to look for the best HVAC system and HVAC company to assist you with repairs, installation and maintenance. Finding a trusted and reputable contractor can be tricky, but in this blog, we will share details on how you can select one for all your HVAC needs.

Consider These Valuations Before Hiring An HVAC Contractor

Research on Your Own

It is advisable to search for the best HVAC system providers in Searcy online. Go through the client reviews enlisted. Always search for ‘A’ rated HVAC contractors and check their websites. You can also contact your acquaintances for advice and referrals. You should always be aware of the HVAC market, trends and costs.

Certified Technicians

Hiring certified technicians will give you peace of mind that your new AC installation will be efficient. Certifications like EPA, NATE, Diamond, etc., indicate reliable and quality customer service.

Receive Estimates and Compare

Any reputed company will want to visit your home first when you arrange an appointment with them. With point-to-point inspection, the technicians can provide you with the best rate for a new HVAC system in Searcy

The prices will depend upon: 

  1. Size of your unit.
  2. The difficulty level of the job.
  3. The average weather condition in your area.
  4. Ductwork.
  5. Insulation ( it can be optional)
  6. Professional labour charge, etc.

Once you receive the estimate, you can contact other top-rated HVAC companies to compare the cost and quality of the job. Sometimes, choosing poor craftsmanship for a low budget can cost you your peace of mind. Hire a company with a better reputation in the market.

An Essential Home Evaluation

For any HVAC company to work on your property, the technicians should visit your place beforehand. Home evaluation helps you understand what kind of air conditioning system you should get. A reputed HVAC repair company should always spend time analyzing your home before the job commences.

Select the Perfect HVAC System

SEER rating denotes Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. The higher this rating is, the more energy efficient your HVAC is. With a better SEER rating, you are less likely to call for HVAC repair. This rating will save energy bills and keep your system working flawlessly throughout the years.

Select a professional HVAC system for assistance. Any professional contractor will value your opinion first. For the best quality services, contact us.

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As technology has advanced, different types of air conditioners have also increased, catering to the diverse needs of homeowners. You should contact a reliable air conditioning service provider in Pearson, AR, to install one at home. In the meantime, let us tell you about different air conditioners available on the market.

Types of Air Conditioning Systems

Central Air Conditioner

It is one of the most preferred AC systems nowadays. If you have a big house and are worried about cooling each room, you may want to consider this AC type. Central AC is divided into two main units – an outdoor unit responsible for pushing warm air out of your home and an indoor unit that circulates cool air in your room. It is highly suggested to schedule a regular air conditioner tune-up to keep your AC in the best condition.

Window Air Conditioner

The oldest form of AC works well if you want to cool a single room in your house. Any top air conditioning service provider in Pearson, AR, can get you the best deal on your window AC purchase. These air conditioners are surprisingly low maintenance and consume relatively less energy.

Ductless Split AC Systems.

Nowadays, people are becoming prone to ductless split AC systems due to easy maintenance and hassle-free installation. These AC systems require minimum air conditioner tune-up service in Searcy, and an expert technician can assist you. These AC systems are compact, small, and equipped with indoor and outdoor units connected with tubing. One of the most alluring advantages is that these ACs are wall-mounted and thus can save space in your room.

Portable Air Conditioner

By this name, you have already understood this particular air conditioner type. Portable air conditioners are more like window AC units but with a vital difference – it is freestanding. You can place it in any space. You can use it at your home, workshop, garage, etc. It is better to choose a top air conditioning service, to purchase a portable AC. 

Top Points to Consider Before Selecting the Best AC

  • Your requirements and space matter the most. The size of your house determines which type you should buy. Keep in touch with a professional air conditioning service to determine your needs.
  • Always be aware of the budget.
  • Have an estimate on the energy consumption bills.
  • Cooling requirements for your home/workspace.

Finally, you might have a good idea about the best AC option for your home. At this point, let us suggest the best air conditioner service for you.

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An air conditioner is a useful and expensive HVAC appliance present in most homes. AC owners need to take proper care of their unit to ensure they do not have to frequently contact technicians of AC repair in Pearson, AR.

In some circumstances, your AC is left with no option but to be replaced. Unfortunately, some owners know they should replace their old systems, yet continue using the old ones to save money on the installation bill. 

We understand that installation can be costly, but using an old air conditioner can turn into a risk for your family’s safety. If you are unsure about the obvious replacement signs of an  air conditioner, read the list below:

Things to Look Out for in Your AC


Age is one of the biggest signs that an air conditioner indicates. An old air conditioner is the one which has crossed its ten-year mark. If your air conditioner is more than ten years old, you should replace it as it poses several threats.

Since it is old, the compartment that stores carbon monoxide may not be able to hold the gas due to wear and tear damage, and it may leak the poisonous gas. Moreover, the old wires in the system are always at the risk of short-circuiting. Your old air conditioner can unexpectedly break down at odd hours, leading to an unwanted repair bill.

Irreparable Parts

An old air conditioner has several parts that cannot avoid the continuous wear and tear damage they face over the years. Some parts are not repairable and can only be replaced, whereas You cannot even replace some parts. If any of those parts face damage, you have no option but to replace the whole system.

Lesser Efficiency

The parts working in an old air conditioner have faced too much strain and pressure while working for the past few years that no number of repair jobs can help them regain their efficiency. These problems will leave you with several repair bills, so you should replace your system instead of constantly contacting a technician for air conditioning service in Pearson, AR.

Unwanted Sounds

An air conditioner has dozens of parts and hundreds of wires working in it for your comfort. If any of these parts malfunctions, the system gives off a sign to inform you about the problem. The most common indicator is noise when the system works.

High Energy Bills

No air conditioner owner would want comfort at the price of an unreasonable energy bill. Air conditioner owners should prepare themselves to face their monthly energy bills during the summer season. Still, if they are too high, your air conditioner is inefficient and consumes too much energy to work.


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