Is it time to get your air conditioner or heater repaired? An HVAC contractor is the person you need to contact.

The acronym HAVC stands for “Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning.” HVAC firms manage the installation, repair, and maintenance of air conditioning and heating systems. They ensure that your HVAC system maintains a comfortable temperature inside your home or office.

 You cannot overstate the importance of finding a reliable HVAC company at an affordable price. At Hot or Cold Air, we provide HVAC services throughout the Pearson area. No matter the problems you are experiencing with your air conditioner or heating system, we are well equipped to handle them.

 The full range of HVAC services we offer includes installation, maintenance, and repair. We offer a comprehensive warranty and promise 100% customer satisfaction on all of our work. Hot or Cold Air is your one-stop solution for HVAC system Search. It ensures our customers’ total satisfaction.

 Our HVAC Repair Services Include the Following

  • Air conditioning maintenance, repair, and installation
  • Furnace installation, maintenance, and repair
  • Boiler repair, tune-up, and maintenance
  • Emergency heat pump repair
  • Indoor Air Quality services, and much more

 What Makes us Different?

HVAC Repairs are Available in a Variety of Flexible Payment Options

 When you require heating and air conditioning repair work from a company with years of experience and a great reputation, Hot or Cold Air is your best option. 

Considering our flexible payment options allows our customers to select the right heating system at the right price and choose a payment method that is easier for them to manage. Additionally, we offer monthly discounts and coupons for local HVAC and equipment installation. 

We Believe in Honesty, Transparency, and Empathy 

It is our goal to provide the customers with complete satisfaction, which is why we will always provide the best price possible. 

Service and Repair of HVAC Systems Across the Region with 24-Hour Availability

It doesn’t matter whether it’s summer peak or the coldest winter; our heating and cooling technicians are on hand 24/7. The skills and knowledge of our team are better suited to handling any problem than any other system. You’ll be back to your comfortable temperature in no time.

We Do Not Charge Advertising Fees

Other companies charge ridiculous prices to pay for advertising. For the sake of maintaining affordability, we rely on word of mouth and guerilla marketing.  

The Bottom Line

Our company is the most reliable HVAC service provider in Pierson, AR, and the nearby cities. With our knowledgeable staff, we can identify issues quickly and find solutions and provide a wide variety of services (notated above in the article) to keep your HVAC system running smoothly. Since our company has been providing services in this business for several years now, many of our customers continue to book our services and recommend us to friends and family. Because relationships drive growth, we strive to build strong ones with the people we work with. When you entrust us with repairing your HVAC system, we’ll work hard to maintain its efficiency.

Get more information about our services for installing heaters, fireplaces, humidifiers, or anything else related to heating and cooling by contacting us. Schedule an appointment for HVAC Repair Pearson, AR, by calling now or booking online.

Proper temperature and humidity regulation can keep your home happy and healthful throughout the year, regardless of the season or the weather. Home heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems work almost daily to give an ideal indoor environment, incurring regular wear and tear. 

HVAC maintenance plans provide prepaid services for your residence’s HVAC units, decreasing your overall expenses and enabling you to prevent many of the major issues. Such problems can arise when regular maintenance and care is ignored.

Why are HVAC Maintenance Plans Beneficial?

HVAC maintenance is important even when your system is in a good working condition. Let us see how maintenance plans can be beneficial:

  • Save Money on Repairs

Regular maintenance will help you avoid potentially ruinous repair expenditures. Your HVAC system should be checked once in a while to detect possible issues before they become major. It is better to have an adept examination regularly than to pay for expensive repairs that will be more costly to overhaul after they are broken.

If you’re not sure when you had HVAC maintenance, you must plan your maintenance today.

  • Better Air Quality

Over time and without adequate maintenance, many indoor pollutants can cause the air to get musty and, in extreme cases, create health issues. With regular maintenance, your HVAC appliance will provide you with pure, clear, and safer air. Have your heating and cooling unit regularly maintained, and make sure you and your household stay happy and robust.

  • Extend System Life

Regular maintenance prolongs the life of your equipment, thereby lessening the probability that you’ll need to spend a lot on an HVAC installation. 

  • Cut Energy Bills

Preventative upkeep enables you to ensure that your HVAC equipment runs at close to peak efficiency. This can mean saving big bucks on your power bill.

  • Priority Service

You will get priority service over those who don’t have a plan which implies faster repairs because you will be a maintenance service client.

  • Discounts

You will also automatically get a discount on diagnostic fees and any repairs our professionals may need to do.

  • Filter Replacement

A sterile filter traps dirt, dust, and other pollutants better than a filthy filter, so we’ll replace your old filter to keep your air clean. We also supply specialty filters to fulfill your household’s requirements.

  • Free Estimates

Our professionals will give you a free estimate for appliance replacement and renovations, so you know precisely what you’ll be paying.

  • Stay Covered Under Warranty

Most HVAC manufacturers need proof of annual maintenance when a replacement claim is submitted under warranty. Some of the parts of a system that make your heating and cooling unit work are somewhat costly, so investing in a maintenance plan to keep them covered under your warranty can save you a substantial amount if something goes wrong.

If you are in need of an HVAC Repair in Pearson AR, contact Hot or Cold Affordable Air. Our top-rated technicians arrive punctually and are widely lauded for their HVAC Systems in Searcy. Contact us by calling at (501) 206-5732 to book our service.

Having an air conditioner or a heating machine at least 15 years old could cause your electricity bill to increase unexpectedly. It is possible to save thousands of dollars if you replace your furnace with the appropriate products. A furnace replacement done on time will also enhance your home’s safety.

If you need to replace your furnace system, never look at it. In the long run, ignoring the immediate need for furnace replacement will result in several problems. If you don’t proceed on this path today, you could face higher power bills or dangerous home security issues in the future.

At Hot or Cold Affordable Air, we cater to all HVAC needs, from maintenance to replacement.

Why Choose us

We are a licensed company located in Heber Springs, Arkansas, and we have been renowned for providing high-quality services for years. Having a highly skilled and well-trained team of experts is essential to us as we strive to provide our clients with high-quality products and services. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. A wide range of HVAC services is offered by our company, including furnace replacement and furnace repair in Quitman

What Makes us the Best

  • Our Company is Licensed and Certified

Our company is licensed and well known for providing high-quality services in Quitman. In addition, our company has been accredited and certified.

  • We are Insured

A responsible business like ours is insured. There will be no losses to worry about. Just trust us. In the event of our negligence, we will fully reimburse you.

  • A High Standard of Service

To provide the best services, we strive for excellence. To make sure that our clients are happy with our services, we go the extra mile.

  • Technical Experts with Years of Experience and Training

For our team, we recruit qualified and experienced technicians. Following a thorough background check, they have been trained extensively and have undergone extensive training. These professionals are knowledgeable about their fields and work in safe environments. 

  • Multi-Functionality

Keeping our clients comfortable and happy is our number one priority. Concerning goods and services, we aim to provide highly flexible options for our consumers.

  • Assistance in the Event of an Emergency

 The well-trained representatives in our customer support department are available throughout the week to answer any questions you may have. Furthermore, we offer emergency services as well as 24×7 services.

Services We Offer

Below are some highlighted services we offer, including HVAC and furnace repair, Pearson and Quitman, AR:


  • Inspections, servicing, replacements, tune-ups, and repairs of air conditioners
  • Installing, repairing, replacing, maintaining, tuning up, and servicing heating equipment
  • Installing, repairing, replacing, maintaining, tuning, and servicing heat pumps
  • installation, maintenance, tune-up, servicing, and furnace repair, Quitman in AR  

Additional Services Provided by us Include:

  • Indoor air quality services
  • Services associated with central HVAC
  • Energy efficiency services
  •  ductless heat pump mini-splits
  • Se mini-split HVAC Services
  • Ductwork
  • Boilers
  • Duct Planning and designing

For the best furnace repair in Quitmangive us a call on (501) 206-5732 or fill up the details in the ‘Contact us’ option available on our website. 


One of the most common issue that peoples encounter during the summer is that their air conditioners fail to function properly. It can also ruin your summer vacations and social gatherings in your homes. It is highly beneficial to ensure that your air conditioner is properly maintained by an AC specialist in Pearson, AR

Maintenance includes cleaning, changing air filters, and performing various inspections. It may bring some troubles if it is not appropriately maintained before the summer season starts.

Common AC Problems and Solutions 

Inadequate airflow

Clogged or unclean AC filters cause the problem if the air does not come out of the registers or vents as it should. The metal plates that assist AC with the airflow are called registers. This problem can also develop due to the air conditioner overheating, in which case the breaker must be reset since it has tripped. 

The control board, wiring, or thermostat are primarily the source of the problem. The condensate pump must be repaired or replaced by an AC specialist in Pearson, AR. 

AC won’t turn on

A clogged or blocked condenser is the most common source of this problem. It can also happen when the thermostat is heating. Allowing your thermostat to cool down before turning on your air conditioner is the best option. Also, look for a blown or damaged fuse in your electric panel. 

AC does not cool 

This is the most frequent issue. There are diverse reasons why an air conditioner is unable to provide adequate cooling. It may be due to a malfunctioning compressors. If the compressor fails, the cooling cycle of the air conditioner does not start, resulting in the room not being cooled. To avoid this, the air filter or a clogged condensate drain should be fixed or replaced. 

Low refrigerant

Another reason air conditioners fail to deliver cooling is because the refrigerant levels are low. It indicates the refrigerants have leaked or have been undercharged in some way. When the refrigerant level drops below a certain level, the liquid will flow back to copper wires, freezing the ice on the unit.

Monitoring the refrigerant level, replacing the filter monthly, and checking the condensate drain weekly will help fix this problem. It will help in preventing the need for AC replacement in Pearson, AR

Hot air from AC

This problems is most likely related to the AC’s compressor or outside unit. If the air conditioner is circulating warm air, it may be due to a damaged duct.

To fix the problem, make sure the outside unit is turned on and functioning correctly. Furthermore, having a sufficient amount of freon is critical since failing to do so can result in high energy costs and hissing sounds from the air conditioner.

If you’re done trying all these solutions, and your AC is still not working properly, it might need to be replaced by a reliable AC replacement in Pearson, AR. Call us for immediate assistance regarding all your heating and cooling concerns today!