One of the most common issue that peoples encounter during the summer is that their air conditioners fail to function properly. It can also ruin your summer vacations and social gatherings in your homes. It is highly beneficial to ensure that your air conditioner is properly maintained by an AC specialist in Pearson, AR

Maintenance includes cleaning, changing air filters, and performing various inspections. It may bring some troubles if it is not appropriately maintained before the summer season starts.

Common AC Problems and Solutions 

Inadequate airflow

Clogged or unclean AC filters cause the problem if the air does not come out of the registers or vents as it should. The metal plates that assist AC with the airflow are called registers. This problem can also develop due to the air conditioner overheating, in which case the breaker must be reset since it has tripped. 

The control board, wiring, or thermostat are primarily the source of the problem. The condensate pump must be repaired or replaced by an AC specialist in Pearson, AR. 

AC won’t turn on

A clogged or blocked condenser is the most common source of this problem. It can also happen when the thermostat is heating. Allowing your thermostat to cool down before turning on your air conditioner is the best option. Also, look for a blown or damaged fuse in your electric panel. 

AC does not cool 

This is the most frequent issue. There are diverse reasons why an air conditioner is unable to provide adequate cooling. It may be due to a malfunctioning compressors. If the compressor fails, the cooling cycle of the air conditioner does not start, resulting in the room not being cooled. To avoid this, the air filter or a clogged condensate drain should be fixed or replaced. 

Low refrigerant

Another reason air conditioners fail to deliver cooling is because the refrigerant levels are low. It indicates the refrigerants have leaked or have been undercharged in some way. When the refrigerant level drops below a certain level, the liquid will flow back to copper wires, freezing the ice on the unit.

Monitoring the refrigerant level, replacing the filter monthly, and checking the condensate drain weekly will help fix this problem. It will help in preventing the need for AC replacement in Pearson, AR

Hot air from AC

This problems is most likely related to the AC’s compressor or outside unit. If the air conditioner is circulating warm air, it may be due to a damaged duct.

To fix the problem, make sure the outside unit is turned on and functioning correctly. Furthermore, having a sufficient amount of freon is critical since failing to do so can result in high energy costs and hissing sounds from the air conditioner.

If you’re done trying all these solutions, and your AC is still not working properly, it might need to be replaced by a reliable AC replacement in Pearson, AR. Call us for immediate assistance regarding all your heating and cooling concerns today!

It would be a nightmare to experience a hot summer in Pearson with a broken air conditioner. Your air conditioner might not have been operating properly for several reasons, but it is most likely due to age. 

As an air conditioner ages, it develops technical issues, but there are specific issues that you can fix yourself before contacting an AC repair in Pearson, AR.

Top 7 Causes of Air Conditioner Problems

Low refrigerant levels

Every ac system requires refrigerant as a working fluid, and a low quantity of refrigerant may create significant problems. In addition, because of leaks and holes in the pipe, the refrigerant level drops. To fix the leak, you’ll need an AC repair in Pearson, AR.

Duct leaks

Holes or cracks cause leakage of cool air from ducts. Leakage of ducts that pass through your walls and ceilings puts extra strain on ac components, elevating your utility bills.

Thermostat issues

Due to faulty control settings, a poorly calibrated thermostat creates air conditioning troubles. Your thermostats can be replaced or recalibrated to resolve this issue.

Clogged drains

A clogged drain line occurs due to dirt and debris within the drainage system, resulting in a buildup of water that can harm your ac system. It also contributes to the development of moulds and fungi.

Evaporator coils

Evaporator coils are packed with refrigerant, and these coils need warm air circulation for optimum refrigerant flow. Due to insufficient airflow, a layer of ice might form on the evaporator coil. As a result, hot air is released.

Condenser coil

Due to dirt and debris, the condenser coil becomes clogged. The ac system’s productivity suffers as a result.

Problems with the fans

Fan failures might be caused by a malfunctioning motor, a shortage of lubrication, worn belts, or a buildup of dirt and debris. This results in inadequate airflow and air conditioner concerns, as well as a compressor failure.

Simple ways to avoid air conditioning problems

  • Buy a programmable thermostat

Every AC control system benefits from programmable thermostats since they are more dependable, simple, and effective. In addition, they conserve electricity and can be controlled with a remote or a smartphone.

  • Timely maintenance

Every four months, do a maintenance inspection and ensure effective air conditioning installation in Pearson, AR of your AC to maintain its effective performance and extended life.

  • Keep the outdoor unit clean

Don’t forget to clean the outdoor unit frequently. Blockage of the drain line, fan failure, and work strain on other elements of the ac system result from ignoring dirt and debris deposited in the outdoor units.

  • Replace or clean air filters

Airflow concerns and condenser coil freezing may be resolved by cleaning or changing air filters.

  • Repair the duct line

If you suspect a leak or insufficient airflow, a thorough examination of the duct line is essential. It is recommended to make an appointment with an HVAC specialist to have your ac system’s duct lines inspected.

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A timely repair of the air conditioner is always better than the cost of an AC replacement in Pearson, AR.  The problems with air conditioners generally fall in a few categories like filter-related issues, fan-related issues, thermostat issues, etc. These common issues, if solved timely by hiring services of HVAC repair in Pearson, AR, can prevent us from facing the run for AC repair mid-summer. 

Talking about the issues and repairs of the air conditioners lets a look at the common problems that are behind most of the AC repair requests. Those are the 3 most common issues with air conditioners. – 

Issues with compressors 

Compressors are an important element of the air conditioner system. As the component performs the main function of pressurizing the refrigerant a lot of heat is dissipated. Further, the component has its complex wiring, fan, and unit which adds to the complexity. The long and regular use of the air conditioner puts the compressor under regular stress-causing certain issues. In case of compressor-related issues, the best you can do is to look immediately for HVAC repair in Pearson, AR, because only a qualified technician can handle such issues with efficiency.

Refrigerant related problems 

Refrigerants in air conditioners are available in either gaseous or liquid form. A refrigerant performs the task of drawing out the heat from the inside of the room to the outside providing a cooling effect. One major issue that happens with refrigerants is the lowering of the level in the air conditioner unit. This disturbs the cooling process of the system. Further another issue related to the refrigerants is leakage. 

Leakage of the refrigerant is quite a common problem and if paid attention can be caught and settled in time. However, if it is all wasted in leakage then refill of refrigerant is the only option for which you call in the professionals.

Blower and evaporator coil

The blower motor that circulates the cool air inside the home with the help of a fan faces setbacks quite often. The blower unit and its fan are amongst the common repair issues associated with the air conditioners. The wear and tear of the blower unit can be detected easily as it affects the airflow through vents and in the worst case causes complete blockage of the airflow. 

The evaporator coil on the other hand gets clogged by dirt and pulls down the performance of the unit. The issue related to the evaporator coil can be detected from the frequent turn-off of the AC, improper cooling, and sometimes passing of warm air inside from the vent. When you sense these things then it’s time to get the system repaired. 

How to get the repair done

If your air conditioner faces any of the above-listed issues and needs repair the first thought is how and from where to get it done. Thankfully, HVAC service providers these days provide services on-demand at the doorstep so you don’t have to stress much. Quality and affordable service providers like Affordable Air McCallum, LLC are a call away when you need them.

To maintain the health of the air conditioning system, it is important to arrange a yearly AC tune-up as it saves energy, money, and stress.

Affordable Air MCcallum, LLC makes sure you have the most efficient, affordable Air conditioning installation in Pearson, AR, to keep you and your family comfortable and cool. Continue reading to find out when and why you should plan an AC tune-up this year.

What does an AC tune-up include?

As an AC tune-up is essential to avoiding the need for an air conditioning repair, though each company’s method to tune-up differs, most will perform comparable procedures to clean and tune your device. Here are some of the things to look out for – 

  • Scanning assessment.
  • Flushing the shutoff valve.
  • Calibration of the thermostat.
  • Checking the coolant levels.
  • Keep an eye out for leaks.
  • Lubricating moving parts.
  • Cleaning Condenser and compressor coil.

Aside from the technical cleaning and inspection, your specialist can address any issues you may have as specialists advise you on the best options for your particular situation. Therefore a tune-up visit is a perfect moment to express your concerns. 

When is the most appropriate time for an AC tune-up?

Spring season is the best time to do servicing as conditions are typically mild. Getting the unit inspected during this time will guarantee that your home is adequately prepared for the heat of the summer. 

In addition, there are greater emergency AC repairs in Pearson, AR, demands throughout the summer. In the spring, most HVAC businesses will have more available schedules than in the summer. It’s a good idea to make an appointment ahead of time to avoid the busy summer season.

Why should you get your AC serviced this spring?

A tune-up is one of the most important services that a person can do for their air conditioner since it may save money in the long term. Here are a few of the reasons why- 

Reduced regular repairs

When our experienced experts replace worn-out parts during the visit, it minimizes future breakdowns and costly AC repairs.

Enhanced energy efficiency

Having your ac tuned up this spring will assist boost the efficiency of your ac while preserving or even lowering the amount of energy that it uses. When your system is operating at peak efficiency, you will experience more effective cooling in your house.

Prolongs the life of your AC

A tune-up prevents the ac from wearing out and damaging parts, hence increasing its longevity. When you maintain the condition of your HVAC system, it is shown to last far longer before needing replacement.

Improves indoor air quality

An ac that has not had regular maintenance or tune-up services may harm indoor air quality. This is primarily due to the quantity of dust and debris that has accumulated in the air filter and ducting. 

Lower energy bills

The more efficient your system is, the lower your energy expenses will be. The less energy it consumes, the more money you save each month.

Affordable Air McCallum, LLC is glad to give exceptional servicing and exceptional AC tune-ups. Contact us immediately to arrange an appointment if you want to stay ahead of the health of your AC unit!