The finest heaters from the leading manufacturer, fitted and serviced by the best professionals, will not last indefinitely. You’ll ultimately need a substitute, and you’ll want to conduct some study before committing to a new system.

Furnaces are immensely popular, but you’ll need to focus your search. In AR, will you use a gas or electric furnace? Both have positive and negative elements.

Gas Vs. Electric: A Comparison

Whenever it comes to purchasing a new furnace for your home, you’ll have such a variety of options to select. Minor selections can have a significant impact on your new system’s overall efficiency and efficacy, so do your studies and talk with an expert before making your purchase. Higher expenses and a greater need for furnace repair in Pearson, may result from an inefficient system.

After you’ve decided on the furnace’s manufacture and model, the next and most significant judgment is the fuel source you’ll use. In most circumstances, you’ll have the option of choosing between natural gas or an electric furnace. We’ve put together a quick overview of the various fuel options below to assist you in making an informed decision.

Gas Furnaces: An Overview

Here are a few things you would need to look at while deciding to buy a gas furnace:

  • Longevity

A gas furnace can last anywhere from 10 to 15 years if properly maintained and repaired consistently.

  • Expense

The cost of a natural gas furnace is typically greater than an electric furnace. Yet, because natural gas is cheaper than electricity, a natural gas furnace will be much more inexpensive if you reside in a house with gas connections.

  • Setup

If your house has a natural gas connection, setting a gas furnace is not complicated. On the other hand, gas furnaces are enormous and complex devices that require skilled installation.

  • Safety And General upkeep

Your natural gas furnace would necessitate regular maintenance to guarantee quality and security, even if it isn’t intrinsically harmful. Natural gas furnaces, like other heaters, experience depreciation over time. Maintenance reduces the amount of stress placed on the system, allowing it to retain around 95% of its original efficiency.

Electric Furnace: An Overview

Here are a few facts that you would need to keep an eye on while deciding to select a furnace:

  • Durability

An electric furnace can last anywhere from 10 to 20 years if properly maintained and repaired continuously.

  • Setup

Establishing an electric furnace is often faster, simpler, and less expensive than a gas furnace because it does not need a vent system.

  • Expense

An electric furnace is less costly to acquire than a gas furnace. However, electricity is more expensive than natural gas throughout most parts of the country. Adopt an electric furnace if you live in a region where power is cheap.

  • Safety and upkeep

Electric furnaces, then the gas furnaces, do not burn fuel and pose no threat of carbon monoxide or even other gas leakages. However, we generally recommend using an expert for all of your maintenance requirements, as dealing with high-voltage electricity may be highly hazardous.

A qualified HVAC specialist can tell you what new furnace unit is best for your home. So, come straight to Hot or Cold Affordable Air for all of your maintenance and installation requirements. For additional information about furnace repair in Quitman or anywhere else, call or text (501) 206-5732.


There will be a hot, humid summer and heavy winter in Searcy. You need a reliable, efficient HVAC system to keep your family warm and comfortable. Sometimes the heating system crashes at a time we never expected. In this case, the biggest confusion is replacing or repairing the heating system. Replacing and repairing a heating system is costly, so no one is trying to do it. But no need to worry about it. Replacing and repairing the heating system is more beneficial. If you are confused about replacing or repairing the heating system, read the following. These points will give you an idea. It is important to select the best HVAC repair in Searcy

Repairing the heating system

Regular maintenance of the heat is important. If you find something different about the heating working, you need to repair it. If we leave the furnaces unrepaired, make them less efficient. Don’t allow your heating system to get to that point and schedule repair services as soon as possible. But repairs service may be little costly but repairing has more benefits. 

  • Rectify the issue before it gets worse
  • Increases general performance
  • Prolongs lifetime
  • Less costly than a replacement

Finding the situation when your heating system needs a repair is difficult. Following are some common heating system repairs and symptoms that you may need one:

  • Filthy ductwork: If the heating system is not heating correctly or the air quality is not good, you need to arrange a ductwork cleaning. Ductwork cleaning is a simple repair.
  • Starting Delay: If the heating system is not starting quickly or not starting is a sign that your heating system needs a repair. Whatever the heating system type, call for an HVAC repair Pearson AR to come and repair it.
  • Blower problems: The blower belt, fans, or bearing will become damaged due to regular use. An HVAC repair in Searcy can easily repair the belt, fan, or bearings to make optimal comfort.
  • Limit switch repair: The heat produced by the heating system is controlled by the limit switch. If the temperature is high, the limit switch will go off. Issues in this can become dangerous fast so try to call a heating repair in Searcy as soon as possible.
  • Thermostat problems: If the heating system is always heating more or less than what you have set on your thermostat, this will be the right time to call a heating repair service.

Replacing the heating system

Here are some situations that tell you the heating system needs a replacement. If it is older, requires frequent service, doesn’t heat as efficiently, if the energy bills are higher, and if it is damaged.

Best HVAC repair and replacement in Searcy

If you search for the best HVAC repair in Searcy,  Affordable Air McCallum LLC is the correct choice. They offer HVAC repairs, maintenance, installations, and replacements of heat pumps, furnaces, and air conditioners. They provide reliable services. Feel free to call at (501) 206 5732.

Well, everyone understands that routine maintenance is essential for extending the life of any machine. And the HVAC system in your home is no exception. 

So, If you’re not sure how to prepare your HVAC system for the winter, don’t worry. We’ve prepared a list of critical takeaways and to-dos from this fall’s indoor comfort audit. By checking your HVAC system, you can enjoy this winter without any trouble. 

Ways To Prepare Your HVAC System:

  • Change Filters

Throughout the summer, your air conditioner has been on. Check to determine if the filter needs to be replaced now that the weather is turning colder. 

The dirt that gets sucked into the HVAC system is frequently the leading cause of HVAC system failure. A clogged filter reduces the efficiency of your system. 

So, make sure to inspect your air filter every 30 days and replace it no later than 90 days.

  • Turn On Your System At Least Three Times Before 

While the weather is still warm, turn on your furnace at least three times. It’s because you will not want to switch on your furnace on the first chilly day of the year only to discover that it isn’t working.

Squirrels and other creatures frequently become stuck in flue and ventilation systems, causing furnaces to malfunction. During the off-season, your heating system might suffer from a variety of issues. So, always check before the right time. 

  • Arrange A Visual Inspection Of Your System

It’s a smart idea to perform a full inspection before and regularly during the heating season, regardless of where your furnace is housed – in the basement, attic, or cupboard.

If your furnace is difficult to access and is positioned in the attic, call a professional. Also, make sure you remove anything in the vicinity of the furnace. Around the entire block, there should be at least a 3-foot clearance. 

These furnaces must also be able to breathe. When many things are surrounding the furnace, the airflow is reduced, which causes it to break down and not work effectively. 

You can even read about other winter heating safety tips, including how to avoid gas leaks, carbon monoxide leaks, water leaks, electrical shocks, and fires.

  • Check The Thermostat

It’s always important to verify your thermostat as the seasons change. You can set your thermostat to turn on 30 minutes before you get up in the morning so that everything is lovely and warm when you get out of bed.

You may even set it to turn off when you leave in the morning, come back on 30 minutes before you arrive, and then turn it off at night if you want it cool.

With smart and customizable thermostats, you can choose from various options. Consult your owner’s manual, or contact a service provider who can assist you. 

Hire Us If You Still Need An HVAC Expert

Well, if you’re still not confident and looking for an HVAC firm, don’t fret because we are the best option available in front of you. No matter, even if it’s a heating replacement, Pearson, ARWe offer the best services. 

At Affordable Air McCallum LLC, we provide rapid and dependable heating maintenance and repair services for Arkansas residents in getting their furnaces and heat pumps ready for the winter season. We even help when it comes to HVAC replacement, Quitman

So, make sure your heating system is in tip-top shape for the upcoming heating season – whether you need a tune-up or repairs. Ping us immediately to set up an appointment by calling at (501) 206-5732.


Nobody would want to spend the scorching summers without an air-conditioner. It would be uncomfortable within the house if your air conditioner is not cooling your home sufficiently. If your air conditioner requires frequent repairs or has broken down, it might be the right time to opt for an HVAC systems Searcy contractor.

What are Some Signs that you Should Replace your Air Conditioner?

Selecting between going for a repair and replacing an air conditioner might be a tough call to make. It would help if you evaluate which option would prove cheaper for you. If you cannot take the call, you should reach out to the best HVAC repair Searcy to get some advice. Below are a few indications seeing which most professionals would recommend you to go for a replacement-

  • Your AC is more than 10 to 12 years old: Earlier, the average age of an air conditioner used to be around fifteen years. However, modern devices tend to last around ten years. If your device is older than that, you should start saving to buy a new air conditioner. You can request HVAC systems Searcy companies to buy an AC for financing options.
  • The AC is experiencing frequent breakdowns: Several reasons why an AC might be experiencing a breakdown. It might be due to excessive load or improper maintenance. Whatever might be the reason, frequent breakdowns are likely to burn a heavy hole in your pocket. Experts are likely to advise you to purchase a new AC instead of breaking your head over repairing it every other month.
  • The energy bills have shot up: The energy bills are a critical factor in determining whether you should be buying a new air conditioner or not. Though the bills are likely to rise during the peak summer season, a sharp rise might be unexpected. If your usage patterns have been consistent and yet you observe a spike in the bills, you should reach out to an HVAC systems Searcy contractor and ask them for suggestions on buying a new AC.
  • Your AC still works on Freon: The use of Freon as a refrigerant was officially phased out in 2020. Hence, if your AC uses Freon, you will have to replace your AC.

If your furnace or air conditioner has stopped working, you should instantly call up an expert to inspect your HVAC system. Do not delay in scheduling the maintenance session. If the expert suggests you install a new air conditioner, you should not be having second thoughts about it. Spending too much on frequent repairs might not be economical for you.

Hot or Cold Affordable Air is one of the dependable options for looking for an HVAC repair Searcy or replacing an air conditioner. With trained professionals for every 24×7 emergency service, we ensure that our clients get the solution to every HVAC problem they might face. 

If you want to replace your existing air conditioner, you can call our customer care number (501) 206-5732. You can also visit our office at Hebel Springs to talk with our technicians.