Is It Advisable To Cover My Air Conditioner Once Summer Ends?

Should We Cover Our Air Conditioners After Winters?

Once the summer season ends, we turn off our air conditioners for a long time. We do not need them during the winter season. We will use them in the next summer season. So, to prevent them from getting dusty and dirty, we tend to cover our air conditioners. But should we cover our air conditioners?

During the autumn season:

It is advised that you should cover your air conditioners till autumn season only, which is the top section of the air conditioner. During the autumn season, leaves or seeds may seep inside your air conditioner and damage its sensitive components. So, it would help if you covered the top portion of your air conditioner till the autumn season. It will protect it from these seeds and branches. If you cover the air conditioner completely, moisture may trap inside and damage its internal components. If your air conditioner is already damaged due to moisture or any other reason, visit Hot or Cold Affordable Air. They provide the best  AC repair Pearson, AR services, and fix your system at a reasonable price.

During the summer season:

During the summer season, you should not cover your air conditioner. Even if you feel that the cover will protect your air conditioner from the bad summer heat, do not cover it.

During the winter season:

As for the winter season, you can cover your air conditioner. This cover will prevent any snowflakes from entering the components of the system. If you do not cover your air conditioner during the winter season, snow may bundle upon it, then melt and enter inside the system. Moisture inside your system is not good for the system and can cost you a fortune. So, to prevent snow from entering, cover your air conditioner beforehand. 

However, you do not exactly need to cover your air conditioner. If your home is near a swimming pool or the ocean, you should consider a cover; otherwise, you do not need it. Using a cover can trap moisture inside your system and cause damage to it. This can also encourage small animals like squirrels or birds to make their homes in your air conditioner thanks to the cover from rain and strong winds.

Air conditioners are built to withstand harsh weather like strong winds or hurricanes. Using covers to protect them from such weather is useless; your system can manage this itself. But your system needs protection from small stuff like dirt, dust, leaves, seeds, and branches. For these purposes, covers are the best option.

If you feel that your air conditioner has already faced some damage due to these things and are looking for a trustworthy company to fix it, visit Hot or Cold Affordable Air. They are a renowned HVAC repair Pearson, AR company with many satisfied customers and families. They provide their customers with various services, including air conditioners’ repair and installation, satisfactory maintenance, and equipment like boilers, furnaces, ductworks, ductless Heating, ventilation and air conditioners, and mini-split HVACs.