Don’t Ignore These End-of-Season Furnace Noises

Every household shuts off their furnace for good when the heating season comes to an end, and probably you do it too. But before shutting off your furnace, think of the potential problems that might plague your furnace in the new season. Disturbing, right? You should always check your furnace for irregularities before turning it off for the season, as those potential problems can lead to the furnace breaking down and might even cause major damage. 

If your furnace starts making weird noises at the end of the season, it is perhaps time to call in HVAC experts to help you out. A furnace making unusual or irregular sounds means that there is some issue that needs to be fixed. So, as soon as you hear your furnace making a noise different from the usual motor blower or starting noise, then call in our furnace repair Pearson team to fix it.

Irritated by your furnace making banging, squealing, or buzzing sounds? Read our article to find out the causes and solutions behind the noises.

Banging Noise as the Furnace Starts

As the furnace starts up, a banging noise could signify a major gas build-up issue or the metalwork or ductwork contracting and expanding due to a faulty setup. If you hear a banging noise, you should immediately pay attention to it to prevent any damage. 

This is one of the most common troublesome sounds that one can hear coming out of the furnace. It can mean that the ductwork or metalwork is contracting or expanding due to poor installation or improper furnace sizing.

The other reason behind the banging noise can be a dirty burner. The dust and dirt clogging the burner can lead to gas build-up, which can cause a minor explosion when the furnace starts. This is an issue of immediate concern as it can lead your furnace to break down and stop working.

Squealing Noises

Squealing noises can mean that your furnace lacks lubrication; it can also mean that your furnace has a worn-out blower fan belt. Our technicians can help you lubricate the furnace’s parts and stop the squealing sounds. You can also get the blower fan belt replaced to prevent the furnace from breaking down later on. These issues are just as crucial as a dirty flame burner, and you should pay heed to these to avoid expensive repairs.

Rumbling Noises

Rumbling noises are pretty hard to hear, and you’ll be able to hear these noises if you’re nearby the unit. A low pilot flame usually causes low rumbling sounds. But the causes behind the sound can be varied. If your furnace’s flame is yellow or orange instead of blue, then there is an issue with the pilot flame. If left unchecked, it can also cause dangerous carbon monoxide exposure, which can be lethal. It would help if you got this issue checked out as soon as it comes to your attention.

These reasons are the most prominent ones behind the end-of-season noises that your furnace emits. Getting these issues checked out is the most sensible solution. You can always call our furnace service Pearson AR team to help you out. For more information and details, visit our website or call us now!