Air Conditioner Not Working? Here Are Some Most Common Problems and Solutions

One of the most common issue that peoples encounter during the summer is that their air conditioners fail to function properly. It can also ruin your summer vacations and social gatherings in your homes. It is highly beneficial to ensure that your air conditioner is properly maintained by an AC specialist in Pearson, AR

Maintenance includes cleaning, changing air filters, and performing various inspections. It may bring some troubles if it is not appropriately maintained before the summer season starts.

Common AC Problems and Solutions 

Inadequate airflow

Clogged or unclean AC filters cause the problem if the air does not come out of the registers or vents as it should. The metal plates that assist AC with the airflow are called registers. This problem can also develop due to the air conditioner overheating, in which case the breaker must be reset since it has tripped. 

The control board, wiring, or thermostat are primarily the source of the problem. The condensate pump must be repaired or replaced by an AC specialist in Pearson, AR. 

AC won’t turn on

A clogged or blocked condenser is the most common source of this problem. It can also happen when the thermostat is heating. Allowing your thermostat to cool down before turning on your air conditioner is the best option. Also, look for a blown or damaged fuse in your electric panel. 

AC does not cool 

This is the most frequent issue. There are diverse reasons why an air conditioner is unable to provide adequate cooling. It may be due to a malfunctioning compressors. If the compressor fails, the cooling cycle of the air conditioner does not start, resulting in the room not being cooled. To avoid this, the air filter or a clogged condensate drain should be fixed or replaced. 

Low refrigerant

Another reason air conditioners fail to deliver cooling is because the refrigerant levels are low. It indicates the refrigerants have leaked or have been undercharged in some way. When the refrigerant level drops below a certain level, the liquid will flow back to copper wires, freezing the ice on the unit.

Monitoring the refrigerant level, replacing the filter monthly, and checking the condensate drain weekly will help fix this problem. It will help in preventing the need for AC replacement in Pearson, AR

Hot air from AC

This problems is most likely related to the AC’s compressor or outside unit. If the air conditioner is circulating warm air, it may be due to a damaged duct.

To fix the problem, make sure the outside unit is turned on and functioning correctly. Furthermore, having a sufficient amount of freon is critical since failing to do so can result in high energy costs and hissing sounds from the air conditioner.

If you’re done trying all these solutions, and your AC is still not working properly, it might need to be replaced by a reliable AC replacement in Pearson, AR. Call us for immediate assistance regarding all your heating and cooling concerns today!