7 Air Conditioner Problems and How to Prevent Them

It would be a nightmare to experience a hot summer in Pearson with a broken air conditioner. Your air conditioner might not have been operating properly for several reasons, but it is most likely due to age. 

As an air conditioner ages, it develops technical issues, but there are specific issues that you can fix yourself before contacting an AC repair in Pearson, AR.

Top 7 Causes of Air Conditioner Problems

Low refrigerant levels

Every ac system requires refrigerant as a working fluid, and a low quantity of refrigerant may create significant problems. In addition, because of leaks and holes in the pipe, the refrigerant level drops. To fix the leak, you’ll need an AC repair in Pearson, AR.

Duct leaks

Holes or cracks cause leakage of cool air from ducts. Leakage of ducts that pass through your walls and ceilings puts extra strain on ac components, elevating your utility bills.

Thermostat issues

Due to faulty control settings, a poorly calibrated thermostat creates air conditioning troubles. Your thermostats can be replaced or recalibrated to resolve this issue.

Clogged drains

A clogged drain line occurs due to dirt and debris within the drainage system, resulting in a buildup of water that can harm your ac system. It also contributes to the development of moulds and fungi.

Evaporator coils

Evaporator coils are packed with refrigerant, and these coils need warm air circulation for optimum refrigerant flow. Due to insufficient airflow, a layer of ice might form on the evaporator coil. As a result, hot air is released.

Condenser coil

Due to dirt and debris, the condenser coil becomes clogged. The ac system’s productivity suffers as a result.

Problems with the fans

Fan failures might be caused by a malfunctioning motor, a shortage of lubrication, worn belts, or a buildup of dirt and debris. This results in inadequate airflow and air conditioner concerns, as well as a compressor failure.

Simple ways to avoid air conditioning problems

  • Buy a programmable thermostat

Every AC control system benefits from programmable thermostats since they are more dependable, simple, and effective. In addition, they conserve electricity and can be controlled with a remote or a smartphone.

  • Timely maintenance

Every four months, do a maintenance inspection and ensure effective air conditioning installation in Pearson, AR of your AC to maintain its effective performance and extended life.

  • Keep the outdoor unit clean

Don’t forget to clean the outdoor unit frequently. Blockage of the drain line, fan failure, and work strain on other elements of the ac system result from ignoring dirt and debris deposited in the outdoor units.

  • Replace or clean air filters

Airflow concerns and condenser coil freezing may be resolved by cleaning or changing air filters.

  • Repair the duct line

If you suspect a leak or insufficient airflow, a thorough examination of the duct line is essential. It is recommended to make an appointment with an HVAC specialist to have your ac system’s duct lines inspected.

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