How Long Should A Bryant Heating System Last?

The lifespan of a heating system depends on several factors, including its usage, structure, house layout, and more. Bryant heating systems have a distinct reputable spot in the Searcy heating and air market for producing highly reliable devices. Keep in mind that you still have to provide quality services to maintain the efficiency of your heater.

The Lifespan of A Bryant Heating System

Furnaces are still the choice of the majority. It is mainly because a furnace is easy to maintain and lasts longer than other heating systems. According to several surveys, the average lifespan of a furnace ranges between 15 to 20 years. In some cases, it can go up 30 years with proper maintenance.

However, other heating systems from Bryant also serve in a similar range. So, if you think a boiler may work well for your house, consult your HVAC contractor and pick the right heating system. A Bryant boiler also has the same lifetime as a furnace, while the Bryant heat pump worked well for around 16 years.

Depending on maintenance and tune-ups, your heating system could work longer than expected. Since the associated components like ductwork, registers, grilles, and thermostats can stay in shape for around 30 years, your heating unit could serve half your lifetime.

Ways to Extend the Life of A Bryant Heating System

It is better to pay for maintenance costs than for a new unit installation because the previous one broke down. Therefore, even when it comes to saving money, spending on professional technicians is much cheaper than heating system replacement. Other than scheduling a service, you can follow the given steps to increase the life of your Bryant heating system.

Insulate Your House

Running the heater for a long time is of no use if your ductwork leaks or the doors are open. For hot air to stay inside, close all the doorways and windows, draw blinds, and have no duct leaks.

These leaks allow warm air to escape outside, and in the end, your heater has to run longer, causing the components to wear out. Thus, manage the doorways and seal the ductwork for the best solution.

Change the Air Filters Regularly

Over a month, the filters trap dirt, dust, and debris, blocking the airflow and putting a strain on your heating system.

As a result, your house will remain cool without the hot air, while the heater will keep running uselessly and wear off. Therefore, keep the filters clean and extend your heater’s life.

Take-Home Energy Assessments

As a result of poor insulation, leaking ductwork, and gaps in your doorways, your heating unit can suffer breakdown due to overwork.

Ask your contractor for a professional home energy audit so that such issues can be identified and fixed on time. You can save thousands on energy bills if you get this energy audit.


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