Air Filter Replacement Benefits

Air conditioner owners can spend thousands of dollars on a technician who provides AC replacement in Clinton. However, they hesitate to spend a few hundred dollars on the annual maintenance of those new air conditioners as they feel that their systems do not need it.

Air conditioner owners should understand that air conditioners require regular care and attention for the best cooling effects. One such way to take care of your air conditioner without spending much money is by timely replacing your air filters. Here is all the important and basic information related to air filters:

Works of Air Filters

The air filters in your air conditioner are not for show; they have two major purposes: to cool your home and to maintain proper indoor air quality.

  • Air filters ensure a smooth airflow inside the system. This smooth airflow is important to ensure that your air conditioner does not face problems like ice formation and dust settlement inside the system.
  • Air filters also maintain indoor air quality by filtering out pollen, dust, dirt, bacteria, viruses, pet hair, and allergens.

Benefits of Timely Air Filter Replacement

After knowing the works of air filters, air conditioner owners can begin to understand the benefits they will receive through the timely replacement of their air filters:

The first benefit of replacing your dirty air filters with new ones is the better efficiency of the system. Dirty air filters do not provide the necessary airflow for the air conditioners, due to which their efficiency suffers. However, with new air filters, the airflow will be smooth and adequate, and the air conditioner will work efficiently.

The second benefit of replacing air filters is fewer repair jobs. Dirty air filters pose several problems for the air conditioners and their owners, like frequent ice formation, poor efficiency of the system, hot and cold pockets, and other issues. However, with new air filters, air conditioner owners can ensure they and their systems stay away from such problems for a long time.

The third benefit of timely air filter replacement is lesser allergies and breathing issues in the home. Air filters trap bacteria and allergens in indoor air. However, if they are already dirty, they will not be able to filter indoor air, due to which breathing problems and seasonal allergies may increase in your home. In such cases, you must timely replace the air filters with new ones to avoid medical expenses.

Frequency of Replacing Air Filters

Air filter clogging depends on factors like how much the owners use the system, the purity levels of the indoor air in that area, and the presence of pets in the home. After properly evaluating these factors, air conditioner owners can understand when to replace their air filters.

The ideal period to replace air filters is at least once every two weeks, but this frequency may increase or decrease depending on those factors.


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